This years NHL playoffs are even more interesting to us than in the past, because we are vested in a few more of the players this year. Two of those players are the brothers Schenn – Luke and Brayden, both playing with the Philadelphia Flyers.


Hard Work

Watching these two play so amazingly well against the New York Rangers makes us think back to how hard they work. This work happens all year round, even in the  Okanagan summer when we think most hockey players only play golf or go boating.



Last summer Luke and Brayden came for Sport Physical Assessments to find their individual limitations in each human machine.  Through movement screening, their muscle weaknesses,  joint inflexibilities and faulty movement patterns were identified.

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Luke and Brayden then undertook a summer corrective program to improve their particular physical deficits. Both worked incredibly hard to make huge gains

Brayden in action

Brayden Corrective

Luke in action

Luke Corrective

One can only think that a large part of why these players are so good is that they continually want to find out where their weaknesses are and are incredibly keen to work on them to continually improve to be the best.

Brayden scores