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Our goal is to provide comprehensive assessments and services, efficient and effective treatment and ongoing education so that clients at our Kelowna based clinic can enjoy an active life. Once clients have had an assessment of their injury, the physiotherapists at Wave use a variety of treatment methods to restore proper joint mechanics and pain-free function as well as to prevent reoccurrence of injury. These treatment methods are combined with ongoing client education ensuring our services are proactive and effective.


We aim to provide a personalized,client-centered and team approach to care. Our physiotherapists do a comprehensive individual assessment for each client aimed at determining the root of the problem. We listen to our clients to determine their specific treatment goals. We focus on patient education during these assessments by explaining the nature of the injuries, the treatment approach, and services we recommend, the prognosis and prevention of reoccurrence. We communicate openly our findings and progress with all the members of our client’s health care team, from their doctor to massage therapist.

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If you would like more information about which service might be right for you then please feel free to CONTACT US today. If it is your first visit we also have a ‘YOUR FIRST VISIT‘ page, giving you the low down on what to expect for your first trip to Wave Physiotherapy Kelowna. For appointment pricing, please see our RATES PAGE.

Wave Physiotherapy Services

Manual Therapy
Manual Therapy involves the physiotherapists use of his or her hands to mobilize the joints of the spine and extremities, create movement in nerve tissue or facilitate the activation, flexibility and normal tone of muscle. Several different techniques can be used to restore normal motion and regain control of that motion. This allows each region of the body to move fully, efficiently and safely.
Exercise Therapy
Exercise therapy involves identifying faulty movement patterns and then providing you with specific mobility, stability, strength and balance exercises to correct for the faulty patterns in order to relieve symptoms and improve function. Continued exercise is an important component of injury prevention.
Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)
IMS is a needling technique that helps to reduce adverse tone in tight muscle bands or trigger points that contribute to pain and dysfunction. By targeting localized areas of tightness with the needle insertion a reflex relaxation is produced in the muscle. This helps to relieve pressure on tender joint structures and in the muscles themselves which in turn influences pain and inflammation produced by the adverse tightness. A special assessment is done to determine if this modality of treatment is appropriate for you.

Electrotherapy treatments including;

  • Ultrasound
  • Laser
  • Interferential (IFC)
  • Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation (TNS)
Medicinal Acupuncture
Western style acupuncture concentrates on pain reduction and mobility improvement. Advanced training and certification is needed.
re | BUILD Post Surgery Rehab Programs

Post-operative therapy for Spinal Surgery, Hip and Knee replacements, ACL reconstruction, Rotator Cuff repairs

For more information please visit the Surgical Rehabilitation Program Page


Education Programs
  • Kelowna Back 2 Function – Spinal education program teaching patients with back pain how to manage the injury with education and specific individualized exercises.
  • Sport Injury prevention programs
  • Core stabilization programs
  • Pre-season assessments for athletes
  • Knee Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
  • Golf  Performance Programs
Golf Performance Program

At Wave Physiotherapy, we provide assessments to find the particular physical limitations that lead to swing imperfections, corrective programs to eliminate these physical limitations and to improve performance and reduce injury risk. We have the highest post-graduate training in golf-related injuries and have worked with golfers from the PGA Tour to the weekend hacker. Our team includes the Head Physiotherapist with Golf Canada and are Medical Instructors with the Titleist Performance Institute.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor disorders are common in the general population, but they are seldom talked about and often assumed to be something that you ‘just have to live with’. Pelvic health physiotherapy can offer pelvic health solutions for a wide range of common disorders. Most people are surprised to find out how effective pelvic health physiotherapy can be at treating urinary incontinence, as well as a variety of other pelvic health disorders such as pelvic pain, bladder prolapse, diastasis recti, and more.

Tele-Health Physiotherapy
  • Virtual Physiotherapy uses the latest communication technology to allow you and your physiotherapist to connect video conferencing to receive physiotherapy services at a distance when an in-person visit is not possible
  • Wave Physiotherapy utilizes our clinical software Jane to let you chat 1 on 1 with your physiotherapist over a video call. We can then use health care software to describe your injury to you, create a treatment plan which includes educating you on activity and lifestyle modification including providing you with exercises on the latest virtual rehab software.
  • You can be in the comfort of your own home and have the same high-quality expertise provided to you as if you came into the clinic.

With Video Physiotherapy Consults, we can:

  • Take a complete history to provide an accurate diagnosis
  • Triage you to a medical clinic or another health care professional if needed
  • Examine range of motion and movements
  • Perform a functional movement examination
  • Evaluate strength
  • Prescribe exercises and stretches
  • Correct exercise form and provide cues to perform them more effectively
  • Provide and refine self-joint mobilization techniques
  • Provide and refine self-directed soft tissue treatment techniques
  • Provide a full rehab plan to follow in your own home
  • Help train another person to assist you with exercises or stretches
  • Monitor your progress with your treatment program and supervise exercise or meetings with your health-care team. 


In addition to treating current injuries, we also offer sport specific functional assessments designed to prevent future injuries, optimize sport performance and increase longevity in your chosen sport or activity.


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We’d love you to come and visit the clinic. You can contact us via email using the form below or visit the address shown or simply give us a call, we’re happy to help. If you would like parking info and a map showing our location, visit our CONTACT PAGE. Our RATES PAGE details pricing for all of our services, including Physio, Pelvic Health, ICBC, and MSP. Visit the TEAM PAGE to see a full line up of the Wave team.

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