When I look at my past and present involvement in sport the one thing that comes to mind is something my mother used to say; ” Wait until you’re older. You’re going to feel it all “. Of course I used to laugh but only realized in my later years she was right. From my active life I’ve had 6 out of 10 fingers injured, torn ligaments, bad ankles, one shoulder pushed in, concussions, broken ribs, teeth knocked out, 3 big toe operations, a heart attack, along with scrapes, cuts, bruises, and the latest being back surgery. WOW !!! I’m tired just thinking about it.

This is what Greg has to work with. A body of a 66 year old that keeps breaking down with a mind of a twenty year old. The thing about Greg is that he is excellent at what he does. His knowledge and treatments of sports injuries has helped me get through many an injury. I look at Greg as more then just a therapist but also as someone who lifts my spirits when I get down on myself in times of injury. As an athlete we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to recovering from an injury. The need for mental recovery is just as important as the physical. I can honestly say that Greg has been one of the lights in my life besides my wife and with his continous help I hope to continue with a long active life.


Daniel Mardinger

 Competitive athlete in rugby, squash, racquetball, marathons, triathlons, biathlons, x country skiing marathons, mountain biking, hiking, x country running and loads of other sports and activities