Johnny Vesterinen is an active person to say the least. A tennis pro (OK-Mission Tennis Club & Global Fitness), local musician (‘Johnny vs Johnny’ duo & solo performances), Physical Education teacher & Music Specialist in the public school system teaching guitar, Orff, ukulele, recorder, choir & band. With all that wear & tear it is no wonder he suffered from ‘Tennis Elbow’ until he met Eric Wong at Wave Physiotherapy Kelowna. Eric administered IMS & designed a series of exercises to alleviate the pain. Here are my words verbatim, “Wow, you are a medical magician…my arm hasn’t felt this good in months, yeah! Of course I’m still mad at you for poking me with those BIG, LONG needles, but I can feel the improvement! The sooner we can get back together…the better. Thanks again Eric!!!!!”

Johnny Vesterinen – Tennis Pro, Musician, Physical Education Teacher