Athlete Strength


Last nights X Games in Aspen, Colorado showed the enormous strength of two athletes on our Canadian Olympic Half Pipe Ski Team. The strength of an athlete is not always exhibited in their ability to win but also in their ability to recover. Both Roz Groenewoud and Justin Dorey showed what that kind of strength looks like.

Roz had double knee surgery 38 days ago and she showed the strength of character in her work ethic and attention to detail, to be able to come back and win the silver medal at last nights Super Pipe Final. Watch her final run here.

Roz G at X Games 2014

Also at last nights X Games Final, Justin showed the strength that it takes to miss and recover from not just one jump but three as he hit the deck hard during each of his three runs. Take a look here.

Justin Dorey at X Games 2014

Thats strength.