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Reviews from our clients

Wave Physiotherapy is proud to offer a first class service to residents of Kelowna, the Okanagan and beyond and we have received some great reviews and testimonials along the way. The depth and breadth of our reviews are indicative of the scope of Wave Physiotherapy’s appeal. Whether we are caring for world-class athletes looking to get them back on the podium or a local resident looking to get back on their feet pain-free; the same cutting-edge methods are used to promote a quick and welcome outcome.

Take a look at our testimonials and visit our ‘ABOUT WAVE & THE TEAM‘ page to see the people that make up the Wave Team and provide the exemplary service that generates these great reviews! We have more reviews on our FACEBOOK PAGE too.

Megan Gunning

“Being an athlete of a high impact sport has resulted in many injuries and a lot of physio time.  Over the past two years Greg has been a vital member of my team.   I can confidently say Greg is a big reason that I can keep coming back strong and ready to perform.   Greg goes above and beyond to do everything he can to make sure your body is in top shape.  He also gives you the tools such as exercises to help you succeed.  Thanks Greg for your great work, your support and your friendship.”

Megan Gunning  Canada Freestyle Ski Team

Silver World Championships, X Games Silver & Bronze Medals

Mike Riddle

“Being an athlete in extreme sports is hard on your body. When I have a tough day at the office it can sideline me for days or weeks on end and having someone put you back together again is not always the easiest thing to do. Greg is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate people I have ever met and not only makes you feel better temporarily but helps you to be better off in the future. He is extremely effective at what he does and I am lucky to get to work with him.”


Mike Riddle – 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist, Ski Halfpipe

Justin Dorey

The biggest challenge in high-impact sports is dealing with injuries. I’ve had to deal with these injuries and work with many different therapists over the past 7 years. I met Greg a few years ago and he’s been my go-to therapist ever since. He has helped me overcome my most major physical setbacks and I always know that I can count on him to get me back on snow ASAP. As an athlete, having a physiotherapist like Greg is priceless.

Olympic Freestyle Skier, Dew Tour Champion, World Champion

Kristina Groves

“I’ve worked with Greg for the past several years and he has been a huge help to me in achieving and maintaining the physical state I need to perform at my best. Greg is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled physiotherapist with years of experience working with some of Canada’s, and the worlds, top athletes in many different sports. I’m always confident in Greg’s ability and he’s also fun to be around!”

Long Track Speed Skating

2006 & 2010 Olympic Medalist, 2008 & 2010 World Champion

Jessica Zelinka

“No matter the challenge or the situation, I could always rely on Greg when I needed him. Greg is not only a world class physiotherapist but also a great person. He made me feel comfortable and at ease during treatments, and I was always confident in his skills. In the years leading up to the Beijing Olympics I was fortunate to have Greg as an integral part of my preparations for the Games. I can truly say that it made a world of difference to have him on my team”.

Track and Field – Heptathlon

2008 Olympian -
5th Place

2012 Olympian – 6th Place

Malindi Elmore

“I have been working with Greg since 2003 whilst I have trained and competed as part of the Canadian Track and Field team.  He has been an important part of my Performance Enhancement Team (PET) both in providing preventative physiotherapy services and in helping me recover and return to training with injuries.  Greg is meticulous in his approach to physiotherapy, ensuring that no possible treatment or exercise is over-looked.  He is dedicated to his role in providing services to help athletes achieve their personal best performances.  Greg has a strong understanding of sport and the importance of the optimal preparation for high performance sport, which includes “going the extra mile” to ensure the best treatment has been provided.  His commitment has helped many athletes, including me; achieve many of our athletic goals.  I strongly recommend Greg as a physiotherapist for his understanding and commitment to strong and healthy bodies, in addition to his friendly and enthusiastic approach with all his patients.”

Track and Field – 1500m

2004 Olympian

Adam Van Koeverden


“I’ve worked with Greg in a variety of sport related capacities since 1999.  Back then Greg was a senior member of the National Canoe Kayak team, someone who I trained alongside, learned from and looked up to, and won my first National Title in K4 with.  Since 1999 Greg has played an absolutely instrumental role in maintaining my physical health and managing my injuries, aches and pains as our team’s physiotherapist.  Greg’s innovativeapproach, vast base of knowledge and tireless ambition in continuing to expand and update that base of knowledge has been a driving force in my, and our whole team’s success on the water over the past 8 years.  When our bodies hurt, we don’t always know why or what to do about it, but having Greg around ensures we’re back in our boats as quickly as possible training as hard as we can.”


Olympic Champion, World Champion, 4 x Olympic Medalist

Liz Borrett

“I am a real fan of “Wave Physio”. Eric has been more than accommodating. I need only contact my physio “lifeline” and service is provided. Eric is skilled at allowing the client to be in charge when in actual fact he decides on the appropriate treatment & follow-up. I never feel rushed during my Physio treatments’. I would recommend Eric to friends without hesitation. Keep working because I have you on direct dial.”

Masters Athlete

Horst Klette

“Extreme lower back pain made it impossible for me to enjoy my hikes in the mountains anymore.  Consulting Greg, with his knowledge and experience, was the right step to take to help resolve the problem. Greg treated me by using Intramuscular Stimulation  (dry needling ).This procedure gave me temporary relief but Greg advised that I should consider getting an MRI to view the total problem. Taking his advice, the MRI diagnosis resulted in major lower back surgery. The surgery was very successful. Greg developed a personal exercise program for me. His program proved to be exactly what I needed and I can enjoy a normal life again.”

Horst Klette – Extreme Hiker, Skier, Former German Field Hockey Player

Danny Mardinger

When I look at my past and present involvement in sport the one thing that comes to mind is something my mother used to say; ” Wait until you’re older. You’re going to feel it all “. Of course I used to laugh but only realized in my later years she was right. From my active life I’ve had 6 out of 10 fingers injured, torn ligaments, bad ankles, one shoulder pushed in, concussions, broken ribs, teeth knocked out, 3 big toe operations, a heart attack, along with scrapes, cuts, bruises, and the latest being back surgery. WOW !!! I’m tired just thinking about it.

This is what Greg has to work with. A body of a 66 year old that keeps breaking down with a mind of a twenty year old. The thing about Greg is that he is excellent at what he does. His knowledge and treatments of sports injuries has helped me get through many an injury. I look at Greg as more then just a therapist but also as someone who lifts my spirits when I get down on myself in times of injury. As an athlete we’re our own worst enemies when it comes to recovering from an injury. The need for mental recovery is just as important as the physical. I can honestly say that Greg has been one of the lights in my life besides my wife and with his continous help I hope to continue with a long active life.


Daniel Mardinger

 Competitive athlete in rugby, squash, racquetball, marathons, triathlons, biathlons, x country skiing marathons, mountain biking, hiking, x country running and loads of other sports and activities

Eileen Galarneau

“After seeing many other therapists in the community with limited success I was introduced to Martha Sirdevan at Wave Physiotherapy Kelowna, IMS and the benefits of skilled manual therapy.Having sustained many overuse injuries the most difficult of which resulted in lumbar disk surgery Martha has been a part of my active recovery. Together we have learned what my body is capable of enduring, how much therapy is enough therapy and when rest is the best treatment. I appreciate Martha’s assessment skills, her willingness to always accommodate my very inflexible schedule and to go the extra mile to get me back on track. Not sure where I would be without her!”

Owner of Okanagan Pilates & Health

Regan Lauscher

“Greg’s knowledge, experience and commitment were instrumental in my decision to have bi-lateral shoulder surgery.  Not only has his expertise made a huge impact in my successful recovery, his genuine passion for sports and his selfless commitment to helping others achieve success has helped guide me on my competitive path to the 2010 Olympic Games.  I definitely couldn’t have gone through it without him.”


2006 and 2010 Olympian

Bill Stephens

“Hi Ron – took me a while to find out if my Plantar fasciitis would allow me to run at your get together. I’ve been doing all the series races, but am usually only able to run very little between events. After going to my doctor, and a couple of physios with no results, and paying a fortune for new orthotics I was getting pretty discouraged. I couldn’t even walk the golf course without ending up limping badly! Then I went to the seminar that the running club was involved with, at Wave Physio. I had met Greg Redman (the physio) previously, as he is the son in law of a guy I paddled with, in a couple of Ski to Sea races. I knew he was a national class kayaker, and an Olympic team physio, so a couple of days later I called him and asked him what he knew about plantar fasciitis. The first thing he said to me was that it was no use to treat it until he knew what was causing it. That was the first time anyone had said that! He spent most of an hour examining my feet. Finally he told me that I had a problem with the big toe on my sore foot. It was not working properly. He jury rigged a pad for my orthotics and then phoned Okaped and told them how he wanted the orthotics changed. It has made a huge difference!! Ran the Oliver 10K on Sunday and played 18 holes Monday. Could not have done that before. The reason for this long explanation is that I know other runners in our group have similar problems. I would highly recommend they give Greg at Wave Physio Kelowna a try.”


“Greg – just thought I’d let you know how my Plantar Fasciitus is doing.  Since you figured out what the problem was and had my orthotics modified the results have been great.  I’ve run, and won my age class,in 9 races this year, from 5K to Half-marathon distances, play golf 4 days a week, (walking and carrying my clubs) and the plantar problem has virtually disappeared!  I’m running better than I have for a long time as I can train harder and more often.

Thanks and best regards – Bill”

Masters Athlete

Laura Gosset

“Martha has been my saviour during the seven years that I have been seeing her as a patient. I won’t recount all my injuries. It would be too depressing, but over the years they include a broken back, a broken leg (fibula), pulled hamstrings, calves and numerous other conditions associated with wear and tear, overuse, aging and downright stupidity. Martha has got me to the summit of Kilimanjaro and the finish line three times in Ironman Canada, once in the epic Yukon River Quest (a 720 km. marathon canoe race from Whitehorse to Dawson City, Yukon) and in numerous marathons. Before I found her, I tried many other Kelowna physios without much success. She is an expert with IMS which seems to work very well for me, particularly with problems associated with overuse. I also appreciate the fact that she is an accomplished athlete herself. I hope to continue ticking off items on my Bucket List, so hang in there with me, Martha. I don’t know what I would do without you….”


3 x Ironman Finisher; 1 x Yukon River Quest Finisher; Multi/Endurance Sport Junkie; Adventure Seeker; Lawyer

Stephanie McCann

“I had the pleasure of not only being treated by but also working alongside Greg for several years while training for the National Team. Greg Redman at Wave Physiotherapy Kelowna is a very highly skilled and incredibly knowledgeable therapist. As a high level athlete it is essential to have a medical team to support and take care of you while training. I was very grateful to have Greg to manage my injuries and help keep me healthy and on the track. “

Track and Field – Pole Vault

2004 Olympic finalist

Team Scott

“We were introduced to Greg via his involvement with the Pacific Sport- Canadian Sport Institute.  In a very short time, he became an instrumental aid in our team’s physical development.  Not knowing much about curling initially, Greg has become an expert on the demands it takes on our bodies and often eliminates ailments before we even recognize them as a concern/problem.  Throughout the fall and winter, our travel schedule is hectic – and prior to competitions, Greg assesses our current physical state and creates a list of priorities to focus on.   He not only helps treat our injuries effectively and quickly, but because of his constant care and management – he is able to be proactive in prevention.

Greg is also one of those rare “finds” for a team as he brings both a wealth of practical physiotherapy support, and because of his true love of sport and his knowledge of what it takes to excel, he has become a great friend of our team.”


World Champions 2007 , 3 time Canadian Scotties Tournament of Hearts Champions

Steve Omischl

“Aerials is probably one of the hardest sports on the body in the Winter Olympics.  Without the help I had from Greg, I never would have made it to the starting gate!   I’ve worked with numerous physio’s and therapists over my 10 year career on the world cup circuit and at 3 Olympics, but I have to say, Greg is on the podium in every aspect of his profession.  If you can get an appointment with him take it!  He’ll fix whatever hurts and get you back in form fast!”

Freestyle Skiing – Aerialist

2002, 2006, 2010 Olympian, World Champion

Crystal Flaman

Over the last ten years, I’ve set my sights on a number of athletic goals that were quite a stretch for my abilities and WAVE Physio has been instrumental in helping me to achieve many of those aspirations. Training for my 11th Ironman last year, I was struggling with some chronic injuries just before the race and Eric and the team at WAVE Physio not only helped me mitigate the injuries that seemed to come up during peak training every year but they were also able to get to the cause of my injuries and eliminate them.  They also helped me get to the start line of a 273km ultra-marathon this past summer after a severe ankle sprain just 3 months before the race!  It was doubtful that I’d be able to continue my training and be ready for the event.   However, going to see Eric and Greg the following week, and following the recovery plan they laid out, rehab and the race went better than I could have imagined.  I definitely could not have achieved my athletic pursuits without the support and talent of Eric and the entire team at WAVE Physio.  Thanks so much for your expertise, for always fitting me in for an appointment when I needed it and for helping me reach to my goals.   I am grateful!
Social Entrepreneur, 11x Ironman Triathlete & 273km Ultra-marathoner

Johnny Vesterinen

Johnny Vesterinen is an active person to say the least. A tennis pro (OK-Mission Tennis Club & Global Fitness), local musician (‘Johnny vs Johnny’ duo & solo performances), Physical Education teacher & Music Specialist in the public school system teaching guitar, Orff, ukulele, recorder, choir & band. With all that wear & tear it is no wonder he suffered from ‘Tennis Elbow’ until he met Eric Wong at Wave Physiotherapy Kelowna. Eric administered IMS & designed a series of exercises to alleviate the pain. Here are my words verbatim, “Wow, you are a medical magician…my arm hasn’t felt this good in months, yeah! Of course I’m still mad at you for poking me with those BIG, LONG needles, but I can feel the improvement! The sooner we can get back together…the better. Thanks again Eric!!!!!”

Johnny Vesterinen – Tennis Pro, Musician, Physical Education Teacher

Gordon Fitzpatrick

“Unfortunately I am not aging as gracefully as one of our fine CedarCreek wines. Despite five decades of vintages, I am still active with tennis, basketball, cycling and golf. However, while the mood is willing, the body is breaking down. Last year I was especially frustrated by months of chronic tennis elbow so I sought relief from Eric Wong at Wave Physio. After five IMS Sessions I was finally able to return to the baseline and resume hitting again. If you’re ailing, I highly recommend Wave Physio”

Cedar Creek Wines