What is concussion?

  • Concussion is defined as a diffuse injury to the brain.
  • It can occur from a direct blow to the head, neck, face OR impact to another part of the body, which causes transmission of impulsive force to the head.1
  • The definition of concussion is continuously changing through a worldwide panel of experts who meet regularly to keep up to date with the most recent research and care.
  • Concussions can have many symptoms and present differently in every instance, making them difficult to manage

Who does it affect?

  • Concussion can affect anyone.
  • This is not an injury that exclusively affects athletes.
  • It can occur from a fall at home, on the ice, in a car accident or sport
  • Concussion can affect people of all ages
  • assessment tools to help identify concussion in youth from ages 5-12 (Child SCAT 5) and Adults older than 13 years old (SCAT 5).